Meet Vishal Sharma: The Daft Introvert of YourQuote

Our writer Varsha Gupta caught up with Vishal Sharma, one of the most prolific writers on YourQuote. Read on and find out what inspires this sharp 19 year old engineering sophomore.

1. Write about yourself in 250 words. Imagine yourself as a writer of your own biography.

My name is Vishal Sharma. I am 19 years old currently in second year doing engineering from Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi in Mathematics and Computing branch. I was born in Gangtok, Sikkim. 
My Interest lies in Mathematics. Sometimes I prefer reading books on Psychology and History, too. I have a keen interest in politics and enjoy a healthy debate.
I started writing when I was 13 years old, initially about love and life and then gradually as the time passed, expanded my horizons.
I have written on various online platforms apart from YourQuote. 
My aim is to do something for my country, not as a soldier but from the technology part I want to contribute myself to my country.

2. That sounds great. So tell me how did you start writing?

Well, it’s all about inspiration. I fell for a girl in my 7th standard and she became my muse and inspiration to delve in the field of literature.

3. 7th standard! Too young! Well, what’s the most fulfilling thing about writing? How seriously do you take your writing?

Yeah, I admit it’s too young for me to indulge in such serious and pious stuff but still, I think writing comes with emotions and experience, not with age. 
Initially, I was not a serious writer, just some random scribbling on the piece of paper but in my 9th standard one of my friends suggested me about some online poetry website where we can publish our writing that too for free. It sounded a great idea to me to show the world the writer in myself. And yeah after that you can say, I was serious with the selection of my words at least.

4. So thanks to your friend for giving us such a talented writer. Anyway your pen name “The Daft Introvert” sounds good. What’s the story behind it?

Well, this name is just a random wording done by my mind. When I started writing I had the pen name of Vizard 😂. But that I dropped after two years, after that I used my name over different websites but after joining YourQuote, As the majority of people here are from India, Vishal name is too common and that’s why I was in a search of something new and unique but was not getting satisfactory names, then one day I came across the profile of Sweta Suman who writes with the name The Intrinsic Introvert, and from there I got the inspiration of being The Daft Introvert.

5. Haha, yeah, too many Vishal’s out there. Anyway, I wanted to ask if there’s a novel based on your life, what’d it be called?

Novel.. 😯
Basically, I believe in dark psychology and things which have sad endings in reading. So my thoughts are synchronised by the selection of books I prefer reading. 
Name I haven’t decided yet as I am too dumb in selecting things for my life.

6. Haha… you’re not dumb, far from it, actually.
Well, this question is a must. How did you come to know about YourQuote?

Good question. 😉
One fine day I was in my hostel dorm sitting Idle and surfing net. I was in search of some good games to play and do time pass with but wasn’t getting any, in the meantime I started to search some quote creator wallpapers app, in the suggested list I saw the name Your Quote. After reading the description I downloaded it and after seeing the layout, I was a bit disappointed just to figure it out that its layout is a complete rip off of Instagram. Even though I put my two quotes there with no responses from people as YQ was even new at that time in mid-November I guess. 
I left my quote as it is and didn’t open the app for the next one week, but from December when my college was closed for winter vacation, it was the only interesting thing in my mobile to do, so I started putting my old quotes over it copying them from twitter 😂. And by January I was into the YQ business.

7. My story is same as yours. Now coming to the question for which I was waiting eagerly. Where do you get your ideas from?

Well, ideas are spontaneous. You can get ideas from anything. I basically write from my past and sometimes from what is going in my life right now.

8. If there’s one thing that you’d want to change about your writing, what’d it be?

I want to try writing over various topics but every time confine myself to only love and heart broken stuff. I feel it’s a just because I am not getting any good mentor even over this platform.

9. You’ll surely write one day over other topics. Well, tell me who are your favourite writers on YourQuote?

Well my favourite writers are: 
Poorna Ganapathi 
Nehal Singh 
Bibhuti Saikia 
Ayushi Kainthola 
Aayushi Sonkar 
Vishal Gupta
And many more out there.

10. Now tell me what has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

My self-impulse to face any difficulties in my life. I am immune to a lot of stuff around us from which a lot of people just break away easily.

11. That’s good! What’s your favourite possession? Share a picture and add 3–4 lines.

She is my mum and she is my inspiration for everything I am right now

12. It was good talking to you. Please send 5 of your favourite quotes from YourQuote.

So, here the interview with our resident Daft Introvert has come to an end. To read more of his work and similar writers… Or to even share your own work. Check out the YourQuote App.