Meet Sneha Dewani, The Chess Wizard, A To-Be Architect & A Much Loved Writer of YourQuote

Our teammate Kartiki Bhatnagar caught up with Sneha Dewani and unravelled the life story of this chess wizard, to-be architect writer. Have a read.

Sneha Dewani

Hi Sneha, describe yourself in 250 words — Imagine writing a tiny autobiography.

Hey! I am Sneha Dewani from Raipur. 20 years old. I love my name because it holds the most beautiful meaning, ‘love’. I was a shy person but there has been a drastic change within me during the past year, but now I love talking to new people. I am a very moody person.

I study architecture in Pune. Going to Pune was the best decision of my life, as it changed me completely in a positive way.
My strong point is playing chess. The two things I want to get rid off is my anger and over thinking.The little things in life matter a lot to me. A small thing can irritate me very easily and even other small things make me happy.

I don’t hold grudges in my mind, that’s why I can’t be angry with someone for a long time. I believe if something bad happens, then that brings something good along with it. I enjoy my own company.

YourQuote has truly changed my life .

What started you with writing?

My father used to write poems and couplets. So when I read his first poetry book, published in Hindi, I loved it so much that it inspired me to start writing. I wrote my first poem when I was 15 years old.

Who/what influenced you to start penning down your thoughts?

As I said, I started writing after reading my father’s poems, and when I tried my first poem, it gave me an insight as to how our feelings can be expressed through words and I loved that.

Happiness, love, heartbreak and random people influenced me to start penning down my thoughts. I write what I observe. Yes, I write when I am happy and also when I am sad, I express my feelings through my writings.

There are a lot of people who may agree that they are shy too. How did you stop being shy and started talking to other people?

I was always afraid of talking to strangers when I was in school. I was in a girls school, so that was the problem when it came to talking to boys.
 When I started my college, everything was different there, new city, new people and a co- ed college. Also my field made me comfortable in talking to people, as the interaction level is given top priority in the field of architecture.

I have had my fair share of ups and downs in my life, but we all go through such a phase in our life where we find it very difficult to get back up due to the continuous de-motivations that come along. At such a point to keep myself busy and divert my mind, I started talking to strangers through social media. It was really weird in the beginning but as time passed, the fear finally left me.

How important do you think writing is to you?

Writing is a part of me. Earlier I used to write either when I was happy or when I was sad.
But now my day is incomplete without writing. Now I write what I observe and maybe that helps me in understanding and learning more. YourQuote has given a different meaning to writing in my life.

What hooks you to YourQuote?

People here are very friendly. Every time I open YourQuote, I never close the app without learning something. YourQuote helped me in understanding various perceptions. Here, I come to know various kinds of people.

Tell us any one interesting anecdote from your life, which shaped you into the person you are today.

There is no particular story/incident that shaped me into the person I am. Every incident, failure, heartbreak, mistakes has made me the person I am today. All those incidents together helped me in being what I am.

Some people may not welcome a change when they go to a new city but you said that Pune changed your life completely. How so?

I wanted to go away from Raipur for some time, so going there was obviously exciting for me. At first it was very difficult for me, but it’s all because of that city what I am today.

Every city has its own vibe and when you live in the city you basically adopt that vibe. Pune introduced me to a lot of people, some came as lessons and some were blessings. It made me resilient and I could proudly say that I am a better version of myself than I was 3 years back .

Who are your favourite writers on YourQuote?

The list is increasing day by day. It’s very difficult for me to name few. I loved some or the other quote of every writer I read. And lastly, all the writers in YourQuote are very much talented and creative, so mostly all of them are my favorites.

You are an architect. Do you think that your career has had a very significant impact on your writings?

It made me express my feelings more through my writings, because life of an architecture student is hectic and tough. One has to go through a lot of mood swings *laughs*

Architecture de-motivated me at times and but failures also motivated me in some way. My career and my writings run on a parallel universe according to me, but to an extent I don’t think there is much significance.

What is your one favorite possession which defines you? Share a picture and add 3–4 lines.

My diary. My diary is the only one I can share my feelings with; those feelings which I cannot share with anyone. I pen them in my diary. I know that no matter who leaves, my diary would be my constant.

How did YourQuote impact your writing life?

YourQuote gave me many good friends, who understand me. 
YourQuote made me confident about my writing.
YourQuote helped me in my vocabulary.
I can write about anything here without the fear of being judged.
People here understand my writing and sometimes their views change my perception.

How did Raipur influence your writing style?

Raipur made me write more on society.

Talk about anything new you learnt on YourQuote or any incident that happened pertaining to YourQuote.

There are few incidents which also taught me somethings.
 1. My first fight on YourQuote with Aditya Bafna. He made fun of my name and I got angry, because I love my name a lot. I learned from this incident that some fights can lead to a great friendship.

2. I posted a quote influenced by my conversation with Satish Chandra and Sachin Dhingra. That quote was for fun, but comments on that quote lead to a serious conversation and Satishji was hurt. I learned from this that some jokes to us can hurt someone else.

I learned immensely about myself after joining this wonderful writing community.

(About the interviewer: Kartiki Bhatnagar is a 16-year-old blogger and a certified drama queen. She blogs at

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