Meet Shivani N Shetty of YourQuote: A Physiotherapist in Making with A Flair For Writing

She loves writing letters and sending them to their dear ones to this day! Our writer Anupma Verma caught up with Shivani, one of the earliest and popular writers on YourQuote. Read on this candid interview to know about this Manipal girl’s writing journey.

Shivani N Shetty

Q. Hi Shivani! Before starting the interview, why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself?
 A. Thank you Anupma. But answering this question is like answering that 10 marks question. If I don’t answer, I won’t clear my paper.
I’m a simple girl, with not so simple life. Happy go lucky girl basically.
Blessed with very supportive and understanding parents, and a best friend — my younger brother. Got a great gang of friends. Apart from them being the best, I feel like running away at times.
Fun loving and good with people when am among the crowd. But I’m the best when am left alone. Love my SOLITUDE, actually crave for it. I derive happiness from small and little things. I’m happy on a Monday morning but sad on Saturday night types! At times contradiction to the world!
Loves animals and nature, moon, beach and music are my true love.
Easy going and friendly girl. But there is no one who knows what Shivani is really like. Emotional, sensitive, over thinking, helping, God fearing, fun loving and yes kinda old school girl.
If you ask for special traits, I love writing letters, which is something I adore doing. And I collect stones and leaves from the place I visit. I believe they hold the emotion of the place.
As a person, I always wanted to serve people in the best way I can. So choose medical field and soon will be a physiotherapist. Writing came from parents, they used to write for Kannada magazines, so that sugar has been added to my coffee and now I’m serving people.

Q. How did you start writing?

A. Dad says that I used to frame stories and tell him when I was a kid. Maybe, that is when I started framing. Before Yourquote, it used to be on my WhatsApp status and in my notebooks. Now I feel all my quotes have got a decent home to stay.

Q. You said, “Apart from them being the best, I feel like running away at times”. Why do you want to run away when they all are supportive and understanding?

A. Wanting to run away is my inner feeling. At times, I’m allergic to homosapians, no matter who they are and how good they are. It’s like you love chocolates, but there are those days you just want to keep them safe and eat on some other day.

Q. What is the most fulfilling thing about writing? How seriously do you take your writing?

A. Writing itself is a fulfilling thing. When you can put in words what actually runs in your mind is a blissful feeling. 
Writing was, is and will be my passion. For now, I’m happy writing it on this platform and posting it in many other.

Q. To whom do you write letters to, as you said you love to write letters?

A. When I was around 10 years, I remember writing letters to God. I used to write and keep it behind God’s photograph. Now, I write to my best friends who are around 400 kms away from me. I know I can talk to them easily in a better medium, but we thought of trying this medium and thankfully my friends are generous enough to revert.

Q. That is amazing!! Now tell us what has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

A. If I had discovered myself, my first answer would be better and more interesting…

I’m yet to discover myself!

Q. When did you realise that you want to serve others? How has this realisation changed your life?

A. My mom is a physiotherapist, and I would see her helping people and have seen that satisfaction in her when her patients recover. That was when I knew that I have to walk in her path. There are few incidents that leave a mark in your life. Because of such incidents you want to glue into what you are doing.

Q. Which is your favourite book?

A. There is always some special bonding towards the 1st novel that you read. So my personal favourite is “CHANDRA GIRIYA TEERADALLI”. It’s a Kannada novel that my dad asked me to read. In English my first Novel was “ PS I LOVE YOU “ and it’s my favourite too.

Q. How did you come to know about YourQuote? What hooks you to it?

A. I saw my relative Rashmi Shetty like this page on Facebook. I read the description and thought of trying the app. Who wouldn’t want an app which lets you write your quotes in a colourful background and stylish font and come on how can I not say about amazing people who supports you and encourage you to write. And how beautifully we call it a family.

Q. Where do you get your ideas from?

A. My ideas are my own. I usually write what I feel at that moment and it’s always based on my feelings. I get inspired by people, but I always write being in my own shoes.

Q. If there is a novel based on your life, what would it be called?

A. If by chance there comes one novel about my life, I want it to be titled as “D/o Nithyanand Shetty”.
Or may be “Love Letters to Moon”.
Because my dad and moon are the nearest in my life. So it would be apt to title my life that way :)

Q. What do you feel that YQ has, which other platforms don’t?

A. YQ is like a school, more like play school, where everything is fun. Learning and teaching. People correct you like a family member. And I haven’t come across any platform that gives you ivid range of writing materials. And our beloved Harsh sir, answers to our questions at any given point of time. So I think this is what makes YQ special.

Q. What is your biggest mistake in life?

A. I haven’t done any fat big mistake in my life yet. Did all that silly mistake that one does being a human being. So it’s normal and just like every other person’s mistakes I guess.

Q. If there is one thing that you’d want to change about your writing, what would it be?

A. I don’t know why but I always end up writing something sad. I think of writing happy and colourful, but in the end, it’s always tragic and dark. So I want to change that. I want to try writing hearts and butterflies may be because of such tragic stories people usually ask me if I had any tragic love story? But in reality, I don’t have any love story as such.

Q. Poetry or prose?

A. Yes. I like prose.

Q. Who are your favourite writers on YourQuote?

A. It’s difficult to choose among so many people. I like everyone’s work whomever I follow, and I know there are brilliant writers whom I’m unaware of. But from the beginning I have followed and all these people and their work :
Saket Garg
Anupma Verma 
Harsh snehanshu 
Saachi Hegde 
Amol Patwardhan 
Nayanika Dey
Sara Jothi
Aarthi Ahuja

Q. A word of advice for your budding writers on YQ?

A. Dear budding writers, write from the treasure of your heart. Never compare your writings to others. Everyone has their own emotion towards what they write. Write for your heart’s content.
Keep writing.

Q. What is your favourite possession? Share a picture and add 2–3 lines.

A. All the letters I have received till date and that stone is a replaced stone for a stone that I had since 7 years. These are my favourite possessions..!

Shivani’s Favourite Possession

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