Meet Saurabh Pratap S Singh, urf Agyani Baba, The Funny Guy of YQ & Explore the Moving Story Behind His Smile

We read in different places that, “The one who makes you smile had many smiles stolen.” Is it true for every case? Come and explore, along with Swastik, the emotional story of the wit wizard of YQ — Agyani Baba aka Saurabh Pratap S Singh.

Hello Saurabh ! Let us know the life story of yours so far.

Hi! I am Saurabh Pratap S Singh and I am 20 years old. I am pursuing my B.Sc. in Lucknow. I am also a part time online tasker on as for my pocket money, so that I can pay my fees and hold my expenditures’ myself. Basically I am from a small village of Khushinagar district in Uttar Pradesh.

I read in my village till class V but shifted to Mumbai in VIth and continued till XIIth. These 7 years in Mumbai became the worst experience of my life.

People say that, those who make others happy are either filled with happiness in themselves or they hide some emotions behind their smiles. And sadly enough life hasbrought me in the second bracket. I still don’t know that what I will be doing further in my life, but then my conscience say that I’ll be coming up with something good but what would that be still leaves me clueless. And I think I am the first writer on YourQuote who hasn’t read a novel and has never watched an English series. I just read puns and memes on the internet.

But, yes I have many interesting stories that I have gathered in my 20 years of lifetime, for which even this interview will fall short.

Oh! *down* Irrespective of so many problems, what made you start writing?

Actually, before joining YourQuote, I didn’t try writing on any other platform but yes, during my schooling in Mumbai, my fellow classmates used to tease me cause I didn’t know English and neither was my Hindi good (though I am not good in English even now). Everyone used to make fun of me and laugh at me, so I decided to troll myself so that they won’t even get a chance to do so. Therefore, I started reading jokes from anywhere it was possible from and used to narrate them in the class. This continued and class 10th ended without any notice, leaving me with no friends who even recognize me. From that time, I feel suffocated while being with the crowd instead I love being alone.

Finally, when class XIIth ended, Dad bought me an android phone on which I started going through jokes and memes and sometimes I even used to make up my own ones in my brain and used to laugh at them.

Last year I came to know about Quora and became a silent reader there. One day, suddenly I came across Navita Jain’s answer about YourQuote and it landed me becoming a 3-month-old writer by now. But, the above cases in my life, helped me in coming up with puns.

Did your schooling and struggle make an impact on your writing?

No, because I never wanted to become a serious writer. I always wanted to make people around me happy.

You have written so many witty quotes but was this your first preference or did you start writing on a serious note in the beginning?

No, I have never written on serious topic as of now as I mentioned above from school days I always tried to be funny because I have no other option to escape from the people who make fun of me.

From becoming a factor to laugh upon, to make thousands laugh along at YourQuote. How does it feels now?

Earlier, I felt like being a culprit because everyone laughed at me. But, now it feels so good in becoming a reason after a thousand smiles.

After joining YQ, I received messages that read, “I am a fan of your sense of humour”, “You make my day”, etc. but still I don’t feel proud about it. In-fact, I enjoy having someone’s expectations and happiness tagged with me.

A YQ member commented on my quote that- “I was feeling low & was very sad. Then an idea came into my mind I should read your quotes! See am smiling now!” These compliments feel like the fees to my work by my readers. And you know how good it feels when you earn on your own hard work.

People come up with very professional pen names. But you came up with one of the most different and catchy pen name and became an “Agyani Baba” , what’s the reason behind your pen name?

Haha, this question is much demanding. Actually when I joined YourQuote, the first person I followed was ‘YourQuote Baba’ and so he became my inspiration.

In the beginning, I kept it “A Gyaani Baba” but then felt that appreciating oneself isn’t a good practice, so I turned myself into “Agyani Baba”. Henceforth, it got two meanings if we dissect, one being Agyani- the one with no knowledge and the other as a Gyani- when I want to share knowledge.

Okay, now story time. You said you got a lot of stories to share from your life, tell us the one which you would want people to know.

First, let me introduce my family. My mother is a primary school teacher in my native place in UP. My father was a cashier in a dairy firm in Mumbai. He retired last year and returned to our village and so I started my studies in Lucknow.

So, during the 7 years with my dad in Mumbai made me independent roughly at the age of 13. I became habituated to staying alone. My dad and I lived in a slum in Mumbai and that's nothing new because 62% of the common people in Bombay cannot afford flats. So this is an example of “All that glitters, is not gold” because those who come to visit Mumbai don’t know the inside story.

From the beginning, I was a below average student and could anyhow pass. I even used to get beaten up badly for that. But, my story of class IXth was totally different. The regional language Marathi came to existence. I failed thrice in Marathi in 9th, including my mid-terms. All classmates started telling me that I would be detained in that standard. This fear of failing scared me a lot. I thought if I fail then I would be beaten more black and blue. This fear haunted me to the extinct that even ‘suicide’ came into my mind, but soon I dropped this idea and rather thought of running away from home.

And yes, I ran. One fine morning, with the thousand rupees I had saved in my pocket and Dad’s phone, I ran away from home. It turned out to be the worst mistake of my life. I caught a train and reached Delhi from Mumbai with a thought of ‘never returning home again’ and getting myself any possible job there. So, a man came to me on the railway station and took me again to Meerut, where I started working as a salesman in a general store with a monthly wage of Rs.3000. After 2.5 months I was tracked by my father due to the phone signals with the help of Mumbai police. He asked me the reason of running and I narrated him my fear of failure. Later, I joined school again and passed anyhow in the same year.

Whatever I am right now, is because of my father. Otherwise, who knows in which corner I would have been lying.

*shocked to the core* Do you have any siblings?

Yes two elder sisters and both are married and a younger brother.

*The interviewee felt depressed and there was a pause in the middle of the conversation*

Would you like to tell us about the time after you reached Meerut and started working? (About your lifestyle for that time, did you miss anyone) Did you think then, that you took a right decision?

Yes, why not?

When I left home, it was the month of November and Mumbai is a place where winter goes unnoticed. So, I reached the Delhi railway station at night, by then I was left with Rs.700, dad’s phone and was limited to the only clothes with which I ran.

It was spine-chilling cold at that time and all I wore was a half T-shirt and jeans. I slept on the station itself that night. Next morning, a man approached me and asked, “Do you want a job?”At that moment, he was like God to me. Losing no time, I agreed. And then, he took me from Delhi to Meerut and employed me as a salesman in a shop. Before getting tracked after 2.5 months, my routine was a 10 to 9 work with just “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”.

And about missing home. I was away from my mother at an early age, as I came to Mumbai where I performed most of my tasks alone. I have spent most of my life alone. But my father was very hardworking and I am not even a fraction of his labour. The idea of returning home often came to my mind but the fear of failure in class and the fact that, if I return now, I would be bashed more kept me away. I gave up on my plan of return. My colleagues there said that I was emotionless but it was not that, I just got practiced to hiding my emotions maybe because of the school-bullying of mine during those worst seven years at Mumbai. It affected me so much that I feel insecure having even four people around.

And about the decision, it was definitely wrong. But, the life lessons it gave me were really meaningful. Specially about parents respect and the value of money.

What plans do you have for your future?

Till now, life unfolded without plans but I’ll be trying for a job in government sectors. I even have Plan B, but I don’t want to disclose it, maybe one day I’ll make you all aware about it through my quotes.

What importance does YourQuote keeps in your life? Did it give you something?

From the time I joined YQ, I am like, “Yes dude! you made some good use of your phone.”

YourQuote has given me so many valuable friends whom I would have never got anywhere.

You are probably in every list of favorite writers. Well who are your favorites?

YQ became so big in no time, that every now and then a writer wins my attention. But, I have a special place for my one-liner friends in my heart. There are many favorites, but I would like to mention Anil Sharma.

So, having so much twist and tough lifestyle, but still making people laugh. There needs to be a novel written about you. If you were to write it, what would you like to name the novel as?

Yay! I was waiting for this question, it would be “My Favorite Mistakes”.

Though I can’t write novel but one day I will share my detailed biography on YQ. *smiles*.

What ideas do you prefer the most in a story?

I always love to read stories about “Rags to riches”.

Few days ago I read a quote on YQ-

“People who don’t have good clothes to wear, generally have good stories to tell!” — Ritika Vivek Tandon. It is so true and relatable to me.

What hooks you to YQ?

Here, at YourQuote, we are free to share our thoughts whenever we feel like and we even lean different things every other day.

“The more I look at YQ, the more I fall in love with it.”

Perfect. So, from where do you bring so much humor to come up with a hilarious quote every time you write?

In my view, writing humorous quotes isn’t a hard task. You just need to observe things around and you are done.

But, in my case I observe myself cause look at me and eventually start laughing.

If you are given a chance to change something about your writing, would you opt for it? If yes, then what would it be?

I always try writing quotes in English, so that it reaches a wider audience. But, my grammar is way weaker than expected, so I would like to erase those spots in my write-ups.

What has been the greatest personal discovery of yours?

None other than my writings. I never wrote a single line of quote or pun anywhere. I just used to read them on the internet. But, now I myself am on the internet, a big thanks to the YourQuote team.

Okay, so last one here. Share with us a picture of your favorite possession with a brief description.

This is the picture when I came to Mumbai from my village.

I can be easily identified — The guy with no smile.

But time added happiness to my face and a reason for others happiness.

Swastik: Thank you so much Saurabh for being with us. It felt so nice spending time with you. We hope you move ahead with ample success being along your side.

Bhai, you got a separate place in my heart.

Saurabh: Thank you so much Swastik Bhai. Am so thankful to have you, so that I could be so comfortable during this session.

*All Smiles* :) :D …

Here are some masterpiece of this hard working frisky — Agyani Baba aka Saurabh Pratap S Singh.

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