Meet Satarupa Sinha, aka Staha, one of our multi-talented artists on YourQuote

Our veteran writer Bhavesh Bhargava caught up with Satarupa Sinha aka Staha, the fiercely bold writer of YourQuote to unravel her life journey into a very inspiring interview.

Satarupa Sinha

Bhavesh: She isn’t your regular old school poet, as fierceness and clarity of thought drips through this damsel’s words.

Hi Satarupa! It is enthralling and equally fanboy(ic) to get to know you more.
*Blush* Even I am glad that you, one of my favourite writers, is taking this interview.

1. Describe yourself in 1200 characters (250 words) — Imagine writing a tiny autobiography.

Born upside down in the year 1992, in a small village of Tripura (North East). On 27th October, within 15 minutes of my arrival on this planet earth, my family decided to launch me in front of all the unknown relatives by the name “SATARUPA SINHA”. 
For the world, I am the third verdict of my parents’ love story among the 5 verdicts. I am the most silent one in my family. They call me an introvert. By nature, I am an observer, listener, learner, patient, stubborn and an emotional fool (of course) but blessed with talents like dancing, singing, sketching and writing. I like to hang around with different types of artists rather than having a coffee with a corporate kid.
Currently working in Bangalore, I am excited about my future plans and one of them being my book. I would like to get it published for all the Indian girls sitting and thinking about how to take that one step for themselves, but every time end up thinking about the society outside their doors. To them, I would like to say: Remember, it’s you who’ll suffer headaches after crying and it’s you who’ll be satisfied after living your dreams. So, you’re the one who needs to make a decision for yourself, then comes the family and the society should be nowhere in the picture.

2. Wow, from Tripura to Bangalore! Has it been a journey? How did you start to write?
I was definitely not into writing during my school days. I am a person who had experienced many things within these 24 years of my life. The most interesting and life-changing experience was when I was forced to marry a man who was marrying me only for a bet. Everyone around me thought I would give up on myself like all the normal Indian girls who comes from a middle class family. Yes, of course, I was in depression and had spent hours shedding tears during those days, but I’m not a girl who would give up so easily. It took me 2 years to reveal everything about the bet and their evil characters. I know it was too late but I am happy I did it all alone living between those hungry giants who can go to any extent for money. Even though it was the most painful phase of my life but it made me stronger. I got back everything, my life, my freedom, my family, and with all these, I got a bold, confident and a happy Satarupa in me. All these interesting experiences pushed me to write and led me to Staha.

3. <Pensive> That’s a lot to process, stunned how you eased into it. I would definitely like to know what influenced you through all this catharsis? Only if you don’t mind!
Oh yes, I am absolutely fine about it. There’s nothing to be uncomfortable about.
I would say, my stubborn nature was the only driving force for me and those negative advisers kept poking me constantly, which signaled me not to give up. I have a bad habit to provoke pessimistic people with my deeds when I know I am right.

4. Through all this, what kept you ticking, how was the environment at home?
I didn’t share anything with my family because I wanted to collect enough evidences to prove my points, for people I was living with in those days were the ultimate criminals. For those evidences, it was necessary for me to live with them because it was not only me, the man was playing with other girls’ lives too. So for about a year and two months, my family thought that I am fine. I wasn’t allowed to talk to people through social media. In fact, there was no support from anyone. I was trapped and I was determined to get out of it to teach my parents that everything you get to hear from the society is not true.
After living these worst phases, I even went to save another girl from getting trapped. She, an active member of “AAP Political Party”, was supposed to marry the guy in February, 2017. Everything happens for a reason and I am glad my pains saved someone. I got to know my strengths. I am proud of my journey so far.

5. Wow! You did it all on your own! Respect! How did you come up with such a catchy pen name?
Oh! Thank you so much.
My full name has 13 alphabets in it. So, when the time came to give a name to my pen, I tried many things by picking alphabets from my name itself and I loved “Staha” from all the peculiar words that I made. It’s unique and sounds cool too. *Laughs*

6. It’s safe to say you explore a lot of things as a writer then? What hooks you to YourQuote? Who introduced you to it?
Well I am not sure it’s safe or not. *Laughs*
YourQuote has some brilliant young writers and some amazing experienced writers too. I just love reading them. Spending time on this platform is much better than scrolling the news feed on Facebook. Another important thing is that YQ members are all big-hearted with intelligence. Glad to know them as a writer.
Ujjwal, an Instagram friend used to share his write-ups with beautiful wallpapers and writing fonts. I saw the logo of YQ on the wallpaper and searched it on Google play and joined the amazing YQ family.

7. Let’s get this out of the way then. Who are your favourite writers on YourQuote?
Tough one to answer because there are a lot of writers, but for this interview, will have to pick some names.

So here’s the list -

Saket Garg, Harsh Snehanshu, Abhilekh ji, Vishakha Kamra, Jhelum Anikhindi, Bhavesh Bhargava, Prabodh Nagar, Naresh Saxena, Prasoon Vyas, Shubhi Khare, Shrey Saxena, Sneha Dewani, Mayank Tiwari, Abhinav Nair, Mayanka Dadu, Umar Farooq, Rya Ray, Niharika Karan, Vidhi Bomb, Vartika Tiwari, Saurabh Pratap Singh, Monica Swain and many more who don’t need any introduction.

8. Yaaasss! I made it to the list! Thanks! What has been the greatest personal discovery for you to date?
Here’s what I know. I have seen different people standing with their different perspectives and 90% of people on this planet think that they’re right. Some big time losers and cowards are also there calling themselves “The Society”. They will be there for you at every stage of life to whisper in your ears that you’re one of them. So, you just need to tease them in every possible way by doing what you want for yourself and living not a luxurious life, but a satisfied life which makes you happy. I remember this at every step of my life now.

9. If…wait, there has to be a novel based on your life, what should it be called?
Laughs* Maybe this will happen soon and I would like to name it as A Married Virgin.

10. I have observed you have a fresh and intricate take on the topics you pick. Anything special you always look for in a story?
I love non-fictional stories more than fictional ones. I like to study the characteristics of the character. How the experience affects the character? What message does the author want to give to its readers? A relatable story will feed my mind more.

11. Jinx on that outlook! I feel the same. In all the works you’ve read, which book do you wish you had written?
Only one? There is a long list but will take two names for now. One is “My Reading Life” and the other one is “The Death of Santini”, both books are written by Pat Conroy.

12. If there’s one thing that you’d want to change about your writing, what would it be? 
Oh! There are many things to learn and change. I believe I am still a new born in the world of writers.

13. What is your favourite possession?
My siblings are the most precious things I have in my life. The kind of bond I share with them can’t be described in words. I just love them.

Satarupa with her siblings

Bhavesh: Thanks for taking time out to talk to us Satarupa! I feel we have ruffled through a prologue of what is to be an epic novella in the coming years. I am equally thrilled to have done it myself. Keep writing and be as awesome as you are.
Satarupa: Thank you so much Bhavesh! I wish you keep inspiring the way you do. Keep shining.

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