Meet Sameer Khan: The Young Talent With A Pen Which Will Mesmerize You With Poetic Magic

Our writer Rabiya Varcie caught up with the young talent Sameer Khan. Enjoy the lovely interview where he spoke about his inspiration and experiences which will make you sail trough every ‘edge’ of his poetic world.

RV: Hi Sameer! Thank you for doing this interview. I read 'Eerie Edges’ earlier this year and fell in love with the way you write. Congratulations on the success of the book.

SK: Thank you so much. I’m glad we were able to do this interview.

Sameer Khan

So let’s get straight to it, as I am sure you are busy. How would you describe yourself in 1200 character or 250 words - imagine writing a tiny autobiography.

“Puchte hai wo ki ghalib kon hai ?

Koi batlao ki ham batlaye kya"

This is the first thought that comes to my mind when I’m asked this question. (laughs) I’ve a habit of seeing things metaphorically. I see something and rebuild it with metaphors. One single thing can be imagined in so many different ways. It helps me in building my prospective. I was born on the rich cultural land of Punjab and now I have settled in Lucknow, another rich cultural land as well. Surroundings do help in the way we behave. And they’ve always played a major role in the content I write. I’ve always cherished writing. It was there for me when no one else stood up to take my side. On a part, the poems which are most connected to my heart, I try to keep them hidden in my book. The other writer in me likes to share my feelings and experiences with the world. You can say I am like a coin. My two sides are of a poet and a writer . Although ironically, I am a published poet. I have been artistically inclined since I was little. As a child, I would often talk to myself in rhyme. And I used to write down whatever happened that day.

Also, music has inspired me a lot. As an amateur musician, music has been the expression of my emotions. I had a rough childhood. I was often bullied in school which is why I had less friends. So, I used to have imaginary friends just so I could share my feelings with them. 'Eerie Edges’ is more of a real life struggle with such depression and anxiety I’ve fought through and still am. For me, it seems to be unending. But still, here I am. Fighting. Surviving. I am a simple person. I write what I feel and what I experience in my day to day life. The feelings and expressions are as real as the situation which in its own way helped me to improve my writing and motivates me to stay focus. I am also a national level basketball player. lastly, you know what they say… not everyone is an engineer by choice . I guess it holds true here. (chuckles)

Wow! I would have never guessed all that depth and understanding from personal experiences. How and when did you start to write?

Just like everyone in nursery my first essay was "about me", that got me interested in writing. As I got to school and we started learning about different poets, I was awestruck with William Wordsworth. His use of metaphors really helped me describe my depression without telling anyone who I was writing about. As I grew older, heartbreak and loneliness paved the way for more heartfelt writings on depression and anxiety. It became easier to find metaphors that depicted my feelings after I experienced these emotions myself. Writing for me has always been a mixture of passion, love and dedication, since childhood. Now, as an adult I’ve divided it into passion for emotions, dedication towards work and love for my write ups and pen, because they are what make me. My poems are a part of me.

Your writings definitely show how heartfelt they are. Growing up however, apart from Wordsworth, were you inspired by another writer/ poet?

I aspire to be like Mirza Ghalib, to reach that level of emotional depth. I hope to achieve it someday. Another author/poet who has inspired me the most is Charles Bukowski. His 'I don’t give a damn' attitude towards life has been a life changer. I could find a personal connection with all his characters, for example: Factotum. I find myself in the same situation, answering the same questions, feeling the same way as 'Henry Chinaski’. He wrote what he thought, for who he wanted not worrying about social acceptance. That’s where I get my influence from, I guess my Punjabi 'happy go lucky' attitude hasn’t completely transcended in the Lucknowi 'tehzeeb’. (laughs)

That seems like a fair request. What is the most fulfilling thing about your writing?

Writing is like creating a home for emotions, a colony of words. Anyone who wishes to roam around into it, or even stay is most welcome. It’s like here 'trespassers are never prosecuted'. (laughs)

What’s the story behind your pen name?

I don’t have a particular pen-name. But, if you may ask, the word is ‘battlefield’. You only survive if you fight, and my weapon of choice is my pen. Therefore I am a warrior of art. My pen has faced criticism, it lost blood but never gave up. I’m not looking for fame, just fighting my own battle. And I am just one of those warriors. Hence one of the special persons of my life named me, 'A warrior of art.'

Now that’s a well thought out name. How come you wound up on YourQuote? What connects the two of you?

I used to write just for myself, but a friend told me about this portal, which publishes your writings without any restrictions. YourQuote lets the writer present his/her work in the form they want to. I’ve been fortunate enough to garner a fan base and receive such adulation’s. The response I have received for my book has been from my followers on YourQuote. I’d recommend this app for any upcoming writer who wants to share his emotions, and wants people to sail among.

If there was a novel based on your life, what would it be called?

That’s an easy one, I’d call it 'A man of Metaphors’. (laughs)

That’s wonderfully put. Shows your talent as a writer. As a student how has studies impacted your writing?

Thank you! You know it’s funny, because you would think as a final year engineering student, it would be tough to focus on both studies and writing. It has, in fact, worked as a motivational factor. I put the same amount of hard work in my college studies as I do in my writings. It’s like a challenge for me, if one lacks luster, I work harder on bringing it to the level of the other. They are two different parts of a puzzle of life, but at different corners. They aren’t at any point gonna meet each other. Yet, I focus on them equally. Writing is my passion, Engineering is a profession.

I know most of your writings are based on your own feelings, but where do you get your ideas from?

Everywhere! I am inspired by everything when I am in my writing mode. While having this conversation with you I am continuously thinking of new material.

Which book do you wish you had written?

If I had written ' Love is a dog from hell' by Charles Bukowski, I would be the happiest person on earth.

If there’s one thing you’d want to change about your writing, what would it be?

Well, it would be presumptuous to assume all writers are narcissistic, but this is actually a question for the readers. I write about my feelings and emotions and they seem to find a connection with it. So if there are some different emotions they would like me to write on, I’m willing to try it.

Who are your favorite writers on YourQuote?

Not to be boring, but too many to list. Like I said every writer has their own style hence ranking them in my favorites would be injustice to their talent. I do however follow 'The skyfall' or Aasma Varda. I think she has great potential and talent.

Diplomatic, but I will let that one slide. You have to be more descriptive in the next question though, what has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

Writing has taught me a lot about my self. I realized I’m a fighter and a survivor. My life has stretched me like an elastic to my extreme ends, but I’ve survived. I did not break. I have discovered how to cope with anxiety and depression. Let’s see how much farther I can stretch. (Laughs)

My final question… tell us a little what is your most favorite possession ?

Am I allowed to have Two? One is our family dog, Sohni. She’s been with me since I was 10 years old, she’s seen me struggle through school bulling, heartbreaks and several breakdowns. She’s been my best friend and most trusted companion (she won’t share my secrets, lol). She can sense my moods and is a constant source of comfort.

My other favorite possession is my guitar! It’s my natural instinct to compose my feelings before I write it out. The bond we share is irreplaceable.

Here’s an adorable pic of Sohni:


Well, thank you so much for your time Sameer. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you and YourQuote for this opportunity. Have a nice day.

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