Meet Sakshi Vashist: An MBA-Salesperson-Drama Queen With A Penchant for the Pen

Our teammate and writer Prem caught up with Sakshi Vashist, one of the most popular writers on YQ, and unraveled her life story for all her readers and followers. Read on.

Sakshi Vashist

Hi Sakshi! :) Describe yourself in 250 words — Imagine writing a tiny autobiography on YQ!

If I had to use 3 words to describe me: Salesperson and Travel enthusiast. An MBA by profession and as clichéd it may sound, I am also an ex-Electrical Engineer. Single and a native of Delhi, I am currently living in the 7th city since Delhi. Although I wish the count was higher- but I am on it!

A writer at heart and a drama queen in real life, I am a true Scorpio in every aspect — Loyal, Dynamic, Obsessive, Independent, Secretive, Dominating, Emotional and Intuitive!

Started writing poetry in 6th grade but never kept a track because I felt “I wasn’t good enough”. I can say I was ‘discovered’ during Engineering, when some people insisted that I start writing seriously. So it started with back bench writing, last page poetry, birthday card rhymes, magazine essays, college plays etc.

I am a firm believer that versatility is an over rated virtue. Being just an ordinary first child of a typical middle class family- I have tried my hand in painting, handcrafting, singing, playing violin, dancing, photography, sewing, acting, movie-making, editing, blogging, freelancing for magazines and daily newspapers, event organizing, teaching and writing poetry, scripts and plays.
And I think if I can, anyone can!

What started you with writing?

I think writing came naturally to me. Mom was a Hindi major and a teacher. I was marginally better than average in languages in school, so my school teachers also appreciated my going-out-of-the-way for homework or assignments. Even in examinations, I remember not being a topper, but getting mentioned in class for a ‘good’ answer to some essay question. So I really don’t know how it began, all I know is that I used to be better than some others and that was good enough for me and my parents as a school kid.

It became for serious once I came for Engineering, I started taking those nudges to do more slightly, more seriously.

Who are your major influences?

There is no singular person who influenced me. It started with my 2 English teachers- Smita Ma’am and Miti Ma’am. I wanted to be as good as them, and somewhere I still benchmark me with them. And still catching up.

My mom was another influencer, who used to tell me to write a poem for my father for his birthday card or even for friends. She corrected my grammar and helped me with rhyming words. This was all when I was in 5th-6th standard.

Then the third person would be my Hindi Lit Committee president of that time, Mrinal Sir- who used to tell me: plz take this writing bit seriously. You are not just better than many, you are something.

Fourth would be my friend, mentor and ex Prateek, who pushed me to write better each time I wrote something. Giving corrections, ensuring I started a blog, encouraged to write in newspapers for part time and even reading all my first drafts.

I think if one of these key people were missing, I wouldn’t be writing well, forget about regularly.

What writer do you detest? :P

I don’t detest any writer. I think it takes guts to spill your thoughts on paper, humility to go through drafts and criticism, strength to convince people to publish it and then courage to go public and deal with the feedback. It’s a lot of effort and I don’t think anyone deserves less than an applaud for publishing anything.

What is the most fulfilling thing about writing? How seriously do you take your writing?

The most fulfilling thing is going back and reading what you wrote and be amazed that YOU wrote it. Self appreciation comes very late to me.

Which books do you read and who are your favorite authors?

I read all kinds of books. Like seriously. Marketing funda books, fiction, non fiction, biography, short stories, classics. My all time favorites would be Enid Blyton, Shashi Tharoor and Emily Brontë

What is your advice to the budding writers out there?

Self motivation is very tough. So find someone who can motivate you to write and hold on to such people in your life.

You are a travel enthusiast. If I am to ask one thing that you learnt visiting so many places, what would it be?

I have traveled very less. Although I have lived in 8 cities. So far in my life, I have been more a tourist than a traveler. And I am learning to be the latter. My advice would be, learn to differentiate between the two.

Okay. I have been telling you also about this. Your quotes are amazing and have got some inspirational stuff. When are you gonna publish your book? :D

I am still at the stage 1 where you get guts to write in public platform. I have to muster humility, strength, courage and all the effort. It’s a low priority right now. I am too fickle minded as to what to write upon. When the right time and right opportunity strikes, I will publish :)

Whom do you follow in singing, music and sport? Are you still pursuing your hobbies?

I am in awe of a lot of people but I follow only Priyanka Chopra, if that counts. I think she is incredibly talented and makes the most of what comes her way. Don’t follow anyone else in particular who is worth mentioning.

A random one: If winning is all one can do, should we still give scope to failure? (Actually, while reading your bio, these lines occurred to me and immediately I YQ’ed it, and here as a question now. :D)

I think failure teaches a lot to one. Specially about oneself. Your true grit is at test when you are failing. It makes you stronger. Winning teaches you how to do something right. Losing teaches you how not to do something. So there are always two roads to the same destination.

What hooks you to YourQuote?

The fact that I can’t write on Wordpress anymore due to lack of time. I installed WP app and uninstalled it multiple times. It just doesn’t work now. YQ is apt for today’s generation to write with time constraints.

How do you find YourQuote different from other writing platforms?

  1. It actually motivates to write.
  2. Daily there is something new to check out.
  3. People who review you are honest, and just like you.

Tell us the most amazing story of your life.

It is yet to happen :)

If there is a novel based on your life, what would it be called?

Still thinking man. I have no clue. Haha.

Who are your favorite on YourQuote?

Many many many. I was very picky in the beginning who to follow. I still am. Cuz I follow people only who inspire me to write in a different format, fashion, genre, language or emotion. So all those I follow, I am a fan :)

Where do you get your story ideas from?

I would be lying if I say it’s all imagination. Partly yes. But most of things have either happened to people around me or someone I know or I predict it to happen, knowing circumstances. Some of it is inspired from movies, novel characters, people on news etc. Some, of course, are things which I wish would happen. So it’s a mix bag :)

What is the most important thing for you in a story?

Only one: I have to be happy with it. Mentally, I have set a bar for me- quality wise. If something doesn’t qualify, it doesn’t get published. Trust me, I get a lot of shitty ideas. :D I filter them out.

Which book do you wish you had written?

Palace of Illusion.

If there’s one thing that you’d want to change about your writing, what would it be?

Write more happy thoughts. I have been told many times, I write intense, deep, dark etc. When I ask people to elaborate, they say they connect to it at a very true but sad part. You know. Like not a happy zone. And I have noticed too, since then, I do write a lot of intense deep dark stuff. Not much mushy lovey red-roses kinda stuff. I hope you get what I mean. So that’s what I am going to try in 2017.

What has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

Greatest personal discovery for me was to stop comparing myself with others and actually know what I am good at. Like all middle class family kids, I grew up comparing myself with every Sharma ji and neighbours’ kids. It hit me once I failed to be a good engineer that I was never meant to be one; my heart was never into it. I was always good at managing things, multi tasking, leading people, motivating others to get the best out of them, giving gyaan, manipulating and exaggerating to a level that I can sell shit for dollars. My CV had 2 pages of what activities I had taken part and organised, but could never stand a chance if someone filtered it with CGPA.

So I figured Sales would be perfect. And I am actually doing all that I actually enjoy doing. I think this hit me in 2013, 6 years after my +2. I failed and failed and failed in meeting expectations of society. Then I stopped comparing myself with them. I am still very competitive but now in a field I know will make me a better person. Because I am playing my strengths.

What is your favorite possession? Share a picture and add 3–4 lines.

My favorite possession is my family pic I keep in my wallet. That is the only pic I have of 5 of us together. Since then we have all been in different cities, states and countries. And I don’t know when we’ll all be together again. Even if we are, I don’t think we’ll pose for a pic, we aren’t that kinda family. So this remains my fav thing.

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