Meet Sai Manohar: An Artist, Not A Writer (As He Says) & A Traveler Sitting At Home

Our writer & teammate Abhinav Nair caught up with Sai Manohar, famous as Scars Invisible on YourQuote. In this engrossing conversation around secrets, writings and philosophy, Sai reveals his writing journey.

Can you share a peek into your being, as in your autobiography in about 200 words?

An aspiring artist, but not a writer, I’m a traveler sitting at home, indulgent in plays and poetry. In my opinion, we are all essentially two kinds of people: the one we think/know we are, and the one we let the world believe we are. For, our deepest secrets shape our real selves and therefore, Art, perhaps, bridges or separates the two of them. As I reflect on me, I guess, I’m a phenomenon even to myself: on one hand, practical and radically debating, towing to my logical scientific profession, and yet on the other, a dazed romantic, in submission to my artistic passion. Philosophy and psychology have always been my favorite topics and I must confess I’ve often indulged in deep conversations up to 2am. Yet, if all the rambling hints of a celibate being overpowered by the call of purpose, I am as much that boy (gentleman) next door: lover and poet, infatuated by the charms of this beautiful purpose and privilege called woman. In short, I think we are each here for a spectacular purpose, and I’m that mystique — oscillating between a ruminating mystic and a marveling squeaky delirious minion — who signed up for an adventurous ride.

What is your favorite void? Which of the two selves does it still seek to bridge? Or has the quest become your succor? (In the context of the “two selves” you mentioned above)

Freedom is perhaps my favorite void. Cause life itself seems to be this struggle for that escape from experience, as the soul crawls on this body to its liberation. And yet as we watch all around us, isn’t it fascinating to see how each of all are on a constant tug-of-war with memories for immortality. As if we wanted to belong here forever. I think that is the reason we have these two selves: to be a part of their world, even while creating our own.

I would love to know as to what/who is the muse which has succumbed to the charms of your lyrics.

What began as feeble attempts at innocent rhymes in the footsteps of a fellow classmate in primary school eventually faded away until that one particular session with our English teacher in high school. To settle a bunch of restless kids, He closed the book and rather promised us a story. And that day he narrated something that stirred my soul; it wasn’t any extraordinary tale of adventure from history, or a surreal experience of fantasy or fiction. He just narrated a tiny passage where he described the gait of the tiny sparrows in the golden sands on the courtyard of this disabled boy. That day realism wed romance in my fledgling heart. And I took wings with the sparrow that day. Ever since I’ve been a dreamer on the parchments: many circumstance and muses inspiring many lyrics, but if there is one that has stolen a part of my soul, it’s this endearing charm of the inexhaustible nature of love and love of nature.

If our deepest secrets shape ourselves; secrets unavailable to the world, then are we hypocrites?

It’s definitely an era of so much ambiguity and dramatism. Perhaps, hypocrisy wasn’t our purpose but became our misunderstood philosophy. We all have this aura we weave on the web that spontaneously or by interactive psychology, wherein the more we expose, the less we reveal. What the world knows is anyway a beautiful lie. But in the end, we all make peace with ourselves. And therefore, we are not hypocrites essentially with our secrets. In fact the way I see, I guess we can really get intimate in these secrets with our truly special ones.

Decades from today, on a silent evening, post retirement, what would you regret, being “a marveling squeaky delirious minion”, or “a ruminating mystique”?

Regret or rejoice? I hope I stay this way forever. This same combination of an innocent curiosity and profound expression, a pinch of reclusiveness in a pitcher of romance. Then again I’m a man for today, who’s willing to be surprised even by tomorrow. Let’s wait and watch and take this adventure, one day a time. Who knows the mysterious ways of Life and Love!

Who are your favorite writers on YQ?

I have this habit of reading the entire collection of one writer per day to delve into their mind and spirit. So in this vast odyssey through the lanes of such chaos and beauty, there have been too many impressive harbors and docks. And I know, it’s still the pebbles on the shore with the endless unexplored ocean ahead, beckoning. But so far, frankly, rather than referring ’em to as favorites, maybe I’d call it a biased submission to some kindred spirits who either share my appetite or fantasies. I shan’t name any here, but I’m sure, they already know. As for the rest, all I can say, is be ready. For, I’m arriving for my date with your minds, any day soon. Stay by the doorstep, with a cup of coffee on the porch table. We shall talk into the dawn!

You have been writing on so many other portals as well. What according to you makes YQ stand out?

I’ve written in a good number of portals; each unique, and beautiful in its own way. But I think, personally, for me, the journey has taken me to a better portal with each step, as if it were a staircase to immortality. A sort of personal evolution. And so if at this stage I’m on YQ, I guess this has to be a purpose divined with merit, or merited by divine. A personal vantage point notwithstanding, I think this app is a special place where it feels like family. Not a group of writers but a family of great minds at thought; a homogeneity in its diversity, an equilibrium within its chaos, a spring within its autumn!

What according to you should a poet keep in mind when he writes a poem? How do you feel vocabulary contributes?

In a world of 7 billion, trust me, anybody can write. To be a writer takes purpose, but to be a poet takes passion and compassion. Poetry and writing are two unique yet mutually non-exclusive voices. A writer has to carve thoughtful impressions that are accountable to an audience, but an artist is just about expression where there’s no debate but only resonance. The only prerequisite for a poet is integrity to the self. To translate his absolute emotion into his clearest perceivable medium of expression that highlights the importance of vocabulary. Vocabulary is the refinement of transforming a colloquial expression into an adage. It introduces brevity, novelty, deeper thought and stands the test of time. Don’t write to an audience, write to get the audience to your experience. Don’t settle for mediocrity just cause the world around demands that; rather strive to raise the bar on excellence, so that the world raises its head high to catch your stars.

What is that one favorite possession of yours that kind of defines you? Can you share a picture of that, as well?

My favourite possessions are two books — Gitanjali and The Shadow of the wind. I sleep on a page from them daily. Both associated with a special person each, and an extraordinary significance to my life’s sojourn. As a writer and a human heart. I can’t tell you about either of them for they have a special secret attached. Suffice to say, one rekindled words in me, and the latter reignited love in me, pretty much as the nature of the legendary books go.

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