Meet Ramya Kumar: The Sharp & Inspiring Storyteller of YourQuote

Our writer Anupma Verma caught up with Ramya Kumar, famous for writing power-packed short tales and unraveled her life story. Hope you enjoy reading!

Hi Ramya! Let’s start the interview with your introduction. Describe yourself in about 250 words. Imagine writing a tiny autobiography.

Ramya Kumar

Ramya (R from now on): My name is Dhanlaxmi Kumaresan. Ramya is my nickname. Born in southernmost part of Indian peninsula, I grew up in city of dreams. Though my initial years of my birth was a struggle for my parents as I was affected by cerebral palsy and ataxia. My parents always wanted a normal upbringing. They never made me feel I was different from them. Life had been tough but I am lucky enough to have the best parents and friends.
I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Management studies and did my MBA with HR as my specialisation. 
A Libran (I love to study about signs) I am very emotional and talkative. I am strong believer of the divine power and destiny. I feel everything happens for a reason. I have been trying for government job for past 3 years. While I failed to do so I found my love for writing. I am one who believes in fairytales. I am phobic to attention. I have always found eyes looking at me with sympathy but I hope they someday see me with pride. Whatsoever I am today is all because of my parents who made me strong enough to face the shortcomings. I am very close to my dad. He is my best friend.

Anupma (A from now on): Interesting! So how did you start writing? And what are your major influences?

R. Though I spent most of my time in reading quotes and short stories, I always felt writing is not my cup of tea. Once while having a normal chat with my best friend Gayathri, who is an avid writer encouraged me to start writing diary. Though I wasn’t keen at first I just thought of giving it a try. Within few days I was inclined towards writing one liners. Gradually I started writing short stories.

A. Now we know who we have to thank. :P What is the most fulfilling thing about writing?

R. Most of the time I am bound to stay alone. It is not that I have complaints regarding staying with me. With writing my recent discovered passion, I feel like I am expressing myself to someone without any second thoughts. May be I am not that good at it but I am slowly learning. It helps me to relieve my stress. ☺

A. Tell me what has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

R. Though each day teaches you something new and you discover something new. As for me I have just learned about playing with words. I am just 7 months old to my new found passion. I am as old as YQ. Each day I learn something new maybe a new word. I am weak in hindi writing so I am trying my best to improve on that area.

A. You said that you were affected by cerebral palsy and ataxia. Ataxia alone is very hard to cope up, but with cerebral palsy as well, how did you manage?

R. Though I have mild ataxia, I am basically affected by cerebral palsy. Life has been far more difficult for my parents. It is tough when you always need someone to go out. Though as a child I used to cry a lot when I couldn’t play in my school days, dance on annual days. I was been bullied a lot. I still remember the day when while returning from college in an auto, the driver said “you handicapped people misuse us, you gain sympathy to get your work done”. That day I cried my heart out. But now I feel I am lucky because I have the best parents who are my pillars no matter what happens, friends who have been so helpful and been always supportive. Also, thanks to the people who taunted me and made me stronger.

A. You are so strong. Amazing! What message you would like to leave for people who face the same situation (being pitied)?

R. Life is a challenge. But for us the challenge is multiple. May be we are strong enough to fight and win. Always remember it is your life, people who taunt may not know what we grow through. No matter what, always be strong and you will always have the strongest pillar by your side (Parents). Remember the hand that points you will one day clap for you.

A. That’s very inspiring.☺ Tell me your most memorable memory.

R. Though I have many wonderful memories treasured, the most memorable was one when I scored highest in a subject in my college and I could see the happiness in my dad’s eyes.

A. Nothing matches that happiness. So where do you get your ideas from?

R. Though I am not lucky enough to travel around. I mostly derive ideas from my surroundings, my family and friends, I love meeting talking to people. Everyone has something new to teach you.

A. How did you come to know about YourQuote? What hooks you to it?

R. Actually I have a very bad handwriting. So I decided to save my quotes in my mobile. Though i downloaded application like lock diary once while scrolling the playstore I found yourquote. I downloaded to just give it a try but soon i got addicted to it. Yourquote has just become an addiction. It not only gives me an opportunity to write but also learn. The way they teach you to improve your writings, the mistakes motivates me to write more. It has become more like a family to me.

A. You are from city of dreams! So how did it help you in achieving your dreams?

R. Most people come to the city in a hope to fulfil their dreams. My father came to this place with a dream to have a good job. I always dream of having a good job and continue with my passion. Hope I am able to achieve it someday.

A. If there was a novel based on your life, what would it be called?

R. If I could ever have a novel on my life, I would like the name the “spoken silence” that my hard work speaks someday.

A. You said that you believe in fairy tales. That sounds interesting. Did you come across any fairytale in your real life. Or what made you believe in it?

R. Being a Libran, I am romantic by heart and believe a lot in destiny. Though I am very much in love genres, I have seen my cousin who fought many stereotypes and happily married with blessings of her parents.

A. What has been the biggest mistake of your life?

R. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. Though I believe I got the best lesson when I trusted my friend blindly and she showed me what betrayal was. I also learnt that whatever may be the situation do trust but not blindly. This made me even stronger.

A. MBA with HR as specialisation! Then what made you switch from private job to trying for government job?

R. Though I wasn’t keen of doing my post graduation my father encouraged me to go for. While I had interest towards marketing I wasn’t able to opt for it. By the end of my first sem, I had decided to go for HR. Hesitantly later I developed an interest towards it. As I completed my MBA due to my problems and my health issues dad always encouraged to government jobs as it would be more suitable for me. I love accepting challenges. Hope I overcome this challenge too.

A. That’s nice. So who are your favourite writers on YQ?

R. Though every writer here gives a different perspective and everyone here is just wonderful. My favourites are Harsh sir, Bharath sir, Anupma, Sara, Ayena mam, Prasoon sir, Abhilekh sir, Anuup sir, Prem and many more.

A. So let’s wrap this up with the last question. What is your most prized possession? Write 2–3 lines about it, and give a photo.

R. May be I am too old to have this but this teddy was gifted to me by my soul mate, my best friend.

A. It’s awesome! Thank you for your time Ramya😃 All the best for your future.

R. Same to you dear 😃

Here are some of Ramya’s best works: