Meet Prerna Satija Who Writes Codes And Quotes

Our writer Shrey Saxena caught up with the Hindustani Techy - Prerna Satija aka PSB - a Delhite living in California. In this candid interview, she gives us a sneak peek into her writing world. Read on.

Whatever happened to ‘Sky is the Limit’

1. Hey Prerna! Let’s begin with that Typical Interview Question. Who’s Prerna if asked to put in 250 words?

A Software Developer, living in California — well that’s just one side of me. I am a pure Piscean. Dreamer, emotional and passionate. I have tried my hand at lots of things be it Bharatnatyam, Poetry, Athletics, French classes, sketching and painting, etc. I love learning new stuff but quickly move to other things because of a rare form of disease I have — over-dynamic interests personality (just kidding, there’s no such disease). One thing that has remained consistent, though, is my love for reading and writing. I love reading crime and murder mystery novels - don’t judge me ;). From making small entries in my diary during childhood to writing at YourQuote, life has changed a lot.

So as no bio is complete without some boring background information, here it comes. Born and brought up in Delhi, I’m a dilliwali by all means. I am so obsessed with Delhi that even today if someone says anything bad about Delhi, I’m the first one to defend it.

Moved to USA for my Masters in Computer Science. During this journey, I also met my husband. How I met him is another interesting story. But let’s leave it for some other time!

I have been upfront about the values I believe in, which is also the reason why many people consider me outspoken and arrogant. But I have a small circle of my close people. And I am very happy at this place, pace and point in my life.

I hope I continue to use the power of my words wisely and discreetly in future.

2. Oh! That’s lovely! You’re competent in a lot of hobbies. Being a Piscean, did you try to have an expertise in all the hobbies that you undertook? And do you still pursue all those hobbies? May be, you could share a picture of yours doing Bharatnatyam.

Haha! I don’t really pursue anything to an extent that I become a pro in it because I get bored so easily. I’m​ mostly a jack of many trades, master of none.

3. Okay Jack, since you have had interest in a lot of hobbies and have also been studious, what do you do when boredom catches hold of you?

I quickly and conveniently switch to the next interesting thing I see. I don’t analyse too much. If it appeals to the heart, I just do it. I’ve binge watched so many series and even read one novel after another up to almost 50 ebooks in one year. All that when it felt life came at a standstill and there was nothing new to look forward to.

4. You must have been a Bookworm for a lot of people back then. Now, towards a lighter side, how “Delhiite” are you? Have you ever tried telling anyone that dialogue “Delhi se hoon, __” ?

For sure! I can’t stand people who stereotype based on your place of birth, but its also true that I can’t hear a word against Delhi. Even North Delhi people are like “South delhi waali hai, that’s why so much attitude”! This is wrong on so many levels!

5. Very true. Peeping a bit into your personal life, how did you meet your husband?

Long story cut short- I met him at Indira Gandhi International Airport. We had the same flight to Arizona, USA and were enrolled in the same University. So in a way, we started our new life (in pardes) together that day.

6. Haha. You know, we’d have been really interested in knowing the long story too. Anyway, from your bio, I can so relate to being considered outspoken and arrogant. Ever faced some worthy difficulties due to the values you carry? How do you deal with it?

There’s no definite way to deal with it. It all depends on the situation I’m in. But over the years, I think I have become softer. I still stand up for something that’s unfair though, just my volume has reduced a lil :P

I still can’t stand hypocrites though.

7. That’s a really good mindset. So, about your ‘Pardes’, how has staying in California helped with your writing? Is it any different from what it was when you were in India?

I wrote in India when I was very young. In my school days. Staying in California has helped writing in a way because life is more calm and relaxing here. I need that environment to write. I can’t write when I’m​ tensed or there are too many people around me. I need to be able to communicate with myself in order to write.

8. That’s a wonderful prerequisite. A lot of people want to know how you started writing.

Writing is something that’s genetic in me. My mom has been teaching Hindi since the last 35 years and she writes so beautifully. I would be lucky if even one tenth of that is passed on to me. I started writing for my diary when I was young and then started writing for school magazines. But I have​ always been fond of reading. Reading is like food for me.

9. I’m sure you’re a foodie then. To add to it, you look to be very observant. Who and what are your major influences in writing?

I think I have been influenced by all the people I’ve known a good amount of time in my life. My memory is good, unfortunately or fortunately, I remember everyone and everything very well. Also I’m fond of history and real life events, and every incident I have read or watched has influenced me some way or the other. All those historical movies, and documentaries, the ones most people qualify as boring, the old fashioned me actually finds them intriguing!

10. Ah! That’s brilliant. We all have tastes about what we want to read. Are there any specific writers or type of writers do you detest?

I don’t detest any writer, but mainly the style of writing where there are too many hifi words used directly​ from the dictionary, when the same thought could be explained in simple words. In novels and short stories, I understand the necessity to use such words but not in quotes. To what use is the ideology behind a write-up, if it cannot be understood by most people.

11. Many of us think alike then. People have always connected Writing to their soul, peace and satisfaction. For you, what is the most fulfilling thing about writing? How seriously do you take your writing?

The most fulfilling thing about writing is the freedom of thought. You cannot speak certain things but you can pen them down in a manner that’s subtle yet still conveys the point. I wrote a quote long time ago, “Reading transforms your soul, writing liberates it!”

12. Very true, Writing indeed has done wonders for people. Now, something that we all want to know. What hooks you to YourQuote?

The fact that someone is always reading on YourQuote motivates me to write. Honestly, in the beginning I felt very disheartened after joining YQ. No one would appreciate my quotes but things got better soon. The key is to keep writing, better and better. Also veteran writers like Anuup ji encouraged me with his comments on my quotes.

13. Oh! that’s wonderful. Tell us the most amazing story of your life.

There are lots of amazing stories. I can’t decide which ones the best ;)

One of them was when I was preparing for GRE and TOEFL exams. I gave the exams while I was working. I told my parents only after I had got good scores that I am planning to go to USA all by myself. I had no friends or close relatives in US. They were so shocked!!

14. I’m sure they are all proud of you. Now, let’s merge your personal life with writing. If there is a novel based on your life, what would it be called?

PS I love you. I’m a self confessed self lover :P PS here stands for my initials and not postscript!

15. Haha. Somewhere, I had expected that. How did you come to know about YourQuote?

Like most of others. 4 months ago a friend on Facebook had shared her quotes. Out of curiosity I quickly downloaded the app. And there has been no looking back ever since!

16. Awesome! How has the career/study impacted the Techy’s writing style?

Frankly right now, I think it’s because of my career, or my current job that I am able to get the time to write almost daily. So I’m really thankful. I mostly write in the night, it’s more peaceful then and I can almost think out loud.

17. Solitude kinda seems to be the home. To add to it, where do you get your story ideas from?

I have barely written any stories. I wish to change that soon though. But my quotes and poems mostly come from my daily activities, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they are more generic and based on life, philosophy et cetera.

18. That’s quite a wide domain. If we get into the depths of writing then what is the most important thing for you in a story?

A story should always have the ability to keep one hooked. For me a story should have the promise to reveal something with every line I read. It’s like unwrapping a gift packed really really well.

19. Oh Wow! Even if we ignore the above criteria, which book do you wish you had written?

There’s no such book. Right now I just wish I could write a book of my own one day. I am a very lazy writer. I need a lot of motivation to devote that much time to one thing. I keep switching interests :)

20. Haha. Well, I’ll still wait for a book by PS. If there’s one thing that you’d want to change about your writing, what would it be?

I want to write long poems and stories. Also I want to write on more diverse topics and even social issues. But I almost always end up writing something I’m more comfortable in. I need to get out of that comfort zone.

21. Now, the question, answer to which everyone waits to read. Who are your favourite writers on YourQuote?

There are so many amazing writers. There are no favorites. Favoritism is not my cup of tea. I keep fumbling upon some hidden talents on YQ and try to appreciate them often. But I can assure, you are certainly one of the “favorites”.

22. Alright readers, kindly be jealous. Haha, just kidding. PS, What has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

The greatest personal discovery for me has been that I undermine myself more often than not.

23. It’s amazing that you are self-aware. Coming to the end, what is your favourite possession? Please share a picture and tell us about it.

Not really a possession, but my travel memories are my favorite things to remember. I love travel and every place I have been to has given me a bigger sense of my teeny tiny role in this big universe. And I’m lucky that my interests in traveling and exploring are shared by my husband as well.

Shrey : Simply wonderful, Prerna. I wish you and your husband the very best of the future. Keep traveling and sharing the pictures. I’ll follow your travel tales on Instagram for sure and hopefully, others too will. Thank you so much for taking out time for this conversation. It was really wonderful to know you.

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