Meet Prasoon Vyas: An Inspiration for Many, An Elder Brother To Some & A Fabulous Writer for YourQuote

Our veteran writer Ayena Makkar Girdhar caught up with Prasoon Vyas from Ahmedabad. Prasoon is one of the finest writing talents we have on YourQuote, prolific in both Hindi & English with 500+ quotes. Through this candid conversation, we get to know a more personal side of the much loved writer.

1. Tell us about your life, long story short?

Prasoon Vyas with his wife, Mrs. Durlabha Vyas, and daughter Anwesha

Born in a family of doctors in 1982, I had an ordinary upbringing with those small town middle class values. Since my parents, being govt. doctors had a transferrable job; I have lived in the various cities of Madhya Pradesh and started managing my own life from a very young age given the demanding nature of my parent’s job. My mother, being the only lady doctor in the town and our house located in the hospital campus was mainly the reason I had to take care of myself as well as my younger brother and most of the times of our home too because my mother would remain busy. Generally, that is the age when you are more dependent on your mother emotionally than your father but in my case I had to develop my own sense of belonging. Though, there are no regrets since my parents have worked very hard to give me and my brother, better living and education. My younger brother, who is also a doctor now, still happens to be my best friend due to the closeness since childhood. Though the age difference is almost 5 years, we still share each other’s darkest secrets and have that bonding of close friends.

My early education was in Shujalpur (M.P.) and then in 1997, by taking clue from the activities I was involved in along with my friends, I was admitted in one of the best boarding schools in Indore. That decision was a game changer since the medium of education was English, which was difficult to even understand for me at that time because my education till 10th standard happened in a Hindi medium school. In fact, one day I started sobbing during an economics class since I was completely unable to understand the contents of the lecture. Though I sailed through without failing once in those 2 years, this is one of the most cherished educational achievement of my life. Those 2 years were indeed the best days of my life, which made me a more disciplined person and the friends I made then are still cherished like family.

I did my graduation & post graduation from Indore only. However, I regret the time I wasted during those 7 years, which was all about roaming around with friends, exploring the world of Yahoo, Etc (Yes, even Etc is a long list). I could have easily built my career by exploiting the available time, but my schedule never involved studies. That is why I push some of the young friends on YQ to build their career rather than wasting their time on social media because one day, time certainly tells the difference.

Apart from Madhya Pradesh, I have also lived in Mumbai for 6 years, currently based in Ahmedabad and have worked with organizations like ABN AMRO Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, RBL and now working with Yes Bank Ltd.

Life has been more beautiful ever since I got married with one of the most amazing human beings (Though we fight and argue) in 2010, we were blessed with our daughter, who claims that I am her best friend.

2. So a banker amongst doctors. When and how did writing come into being?

A. I was more into reading than writing and was not in fact aware of my writing abilities until Facebook happened. I made friends with some of the amazing writers on FB, who were basically into Hindi and Urdu poetry. One of them is Deeksha (She is on YQ too), who always appreciated my writing and pushed me hard to take it seriously. I started writing by taking inspiration from these friends and we even used to have regular writing sessions on each other’s FB posts. Though, after initial years of interaction, the charm of writing faded away. Thanks to Harsh and Ashish for giving us Yourquote because I have started writing again and there is a sense of satisfaction after writing every quote.

3.We’re glad you chose to make a comeback. Ok so, Hindi or English, what’s closer to your heart, for writing? Any other language you wish to write in, or learn?

A. Hindi has always been closer to my heart since most of my education has been in Hindi and I find it easier to convey my thoughts in the same as well as Urdu. Urdu is one language I wish to have a command over since it’s beautiful and gives that extra edge to writing.

4. Well, I’d say we’ve absolutely loved your English posts, lately. So, how did Yourquote happen to you?

A. Yourquote was introduced to me by Harsh, whom I have known since his Wittyshit days and had the privilege of hosting him in Ahmedabad couple of years back. It has really helped a lot in polishing my thought process and sometimes writing on Yourquote brings out those words, emotions and incidents, which were somehow left unsaid. In fact, while writing a recent quote I started feeling depressed but as soon as I finished and published it, I rather was relieved. Such has been the impact of Yourquote in my life.

5. Your writings have a lot of depth, I’d say. Do you read a lot for that? If so, who are your favorite writers/poets?

A. These days I don’t get much time to read much due to professional and family commitments but I always make sure I keep something to read along with me while travelling, which would be mostly an Indian fiction or any autobiography or a magazine. Gulzar Saab, both as a writer and a poet, is my all time favorite. Apart from him, Munawwar Rana inspires a lot. And Yes, I would shamelessly admit that I read the likes of Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh and Durjoy Dutta because I love reading something that has Indian touch.

I am thankful to my parents because they have always appreciated and encouraged me to read generally apart from the regular school stuff and I started reading newspapers on a daily basis since I was in 5th standard. So, the credit of my only good creative habit would definitely go to my parents.

6. So our love for your creative skills, is directed towards your respected parents. Now, talking about family, what changes have marriage and fatherhood brought to your life?

A. Well, for one, I have started paying electricity bills on time. Jokes apart, I have always believed that marriage is the most important transition for any human being and it carries some additional responsibilities which help in building one’s character and boosting the confidence as an individual.

For me, marriage has been a blessing since I was a loner from a very young age and now having an understanding and caring wife by my side has made my life more composed and beautiful. We were blessed with our daughter Anwesha in 2010 and she has been our constant pillar of strength, because she is the one who mostly keeps the reality checks in the house. Though, only 6 years old, she carries an amazing charm and capability to understand the situations, which is very rare in children of this age. I and Anwesha have that close bond right from the day she was born, because during the initial days after her birth, she used to remain awake all night and I used to take care of her. That bonding hasn’t changed since.

7. I’d agree to the father-daughter relationship, being the most lovable. Now, what are the things, that you take your inspiration from, as long as writing is concerned?

A. Oh there are so many. It could be your past experiences, observations from the daily life, conversations with people etc. Until you are a good student of life, you cannot become a good writer. I simply follow that rule. Observation is the most important aspect and converting those observations with a good choice of words and presentation makes your write up more appreciable and felt.

8. Wow! So life, as a whole, is your muse! Apart from writing and musing life, is there anything else you absolutely love to do?

A. I am a big Bollywood buff and you will find me in theater during most of the weekends. Cricket is my passion since childhood so I don’t miss watching a single match if time permits. Reading used to be another hobby but I hardly get any time now since any free time is always for the family first.

9. Quite a family man, I must say. Now, are there any changes you wish to bring to your writing style, even though it’s absolutely adored and appreciated?

A. Nothing much actually because ever since I started writing, one thing I made sure was not to follow anybody’s work & pattern of writing, hence, creating my own style, which I am still abiding by.

One thing though is that I am a very lazy writer and try to sum up everything in 2 or 3 lines. I wish to write those longer stories/poetry more often.

10. I guess lazy is the new steady. Having said that, would you ever consider writing a book? If so, what would you call your autobiography?

A. Well, considering what I stated above, I don’t think I would be able to write a book ever. Even if I start writing today, I am sure it would be completed and published in 50 years. And by any chance, if completed, my autobiography would be called “I wasn’t a mistake”.

11. Wow, I’d wait 50 years, to read a book titled that. Ok, so what’s your take on YourQuote?

A. Yourquote has become like an addiction and I am sure most of my fellow writers would agree with this. Right from the beginning, I have this belief that Yourquote has the potential to be in the league of Facebook and Twitter since it’s a unique platform meant for writers only and the option of having your original quotes protected in the form of copyright makes it worth the addiction.

12. And here’s the most anticipated one, the writers you ardently follow on Yourquote are?

A. I appreciate every writer who has the courage to write something original and different from what has been said and written before because it requires a lot of effort to pen down your thoughts and present it to the world.

My favorites are Harsh Snehanshu (I am a fan ever since his first book was published), Deeksha Sonia Grover Dudeja (Follow her and you will know why), Aishwarya Swarup (She is a legend in making. Each of her quote is a masterpiece), Kalpana Pandey Ji (I envy her poetry. Seriously), Meghana Bose (Her quotes on the realities of life are just breathtaking), Sudhanshu Sir (His experience speaks in his quotes), Saket Garg & Abhilekh Dwidedi (Poetry flows in their veins. Both are just damn good), Aishwarya & Shikha (Both of them are in the league of Kalpana Ji), Abhinav Nair & Anubhav Shrivastav (They are magicians with words), Mayanka Dadu (I will take Urdu lessons from him someday. He writes magical Urdu poetry that too at such young age), Shubhi Khare (Because of the efforts she puts in her writing), Saurabh Pratap S Singh (Boy, you will reach heights someday. Keep writing those humorous memes), Satish Chandra (His wit is spontaneous and just too good), Ayushi Dauneriya (Her write ups are just unmatchable), you Ayena (Again because of the brilliant efforts and choice of words in all the languages you write in), Bhavesh Bhargava (I envy you too dude) & Jehan B Kothari (Because he writes something unique every time).

Some of the other writers I religiously follow are Aditya Bafna, Pritesh Sharma, Seema Srivastava Ji, Harendra Sinha Uncle, Neelima Sharma Ji, Mayank Tiwari, Supriya Mishra and many more. I am sure I have missed out on some names because of my bad memory aur abhi yaad nahi aa rahe.

13. Yay, I’m honored to have made it to the list. Now, coming to a serious one, tell us about a particular incident, or a revelation, that changed your perspective towards life.

A. There are so many. I am a firm believer of destiny and there have been couple of incidents which changed my perspective towards life. I had just 30% chances of survival while I was only a year old and was diagnosed with kidney issues. Yet, I survived because it was destined.

My younger brother was travelling in the same local train when the serial train blasts happened in Mumbai in 2007 and luckily he missed the particular coach that day, in which the first bomb blast happened. Again, he was destined to remain unhurt. My mother is a cancer survivor and being a doctor, she still works 14–15 hours a day. All these incidents have made me stronger and I have started taking life more positively.

One particular incident I will share which happened during 2008 terrorists attack in Mumbai. I used to board train from CST for New Bombay and every evening I used to buy a local newspaper from an aged newspaper vendor at CST. Every evening, he used to keep a copy for me and we had created a special bond during that little period of time, which cannot be defined in simple words. That fateful evening, I left from office early and at CST, while buying the newspaper, I told the uncle that I will see him after 15 days since I was getting married. He showered me with his blessings and wished me luck. The moment I got down at CST after 15 days, tears started rolling down from my eyes because there was a deadly silence everywhere. I could not find uncle that morning and was told by one of his colleagues that he was shot dead in the attacks. I was just shocked and stunned in disbelief.

All these incidents have made me realize that life is uncertain and we should value it more often, which we generally don’t.

14. Well, that was some heavy stuff to gulp, and emotional. So diverting the attention, what’s your favorite piece of poetry or lines from any source?

A. I have a bad memory so I do not remember anything in particular. In fact, if you ask me about my own quotes, I wouldn’t be able to recall them exactly. Last I remember is something I read from Munawwar Rana “Kisi ko ghar mila, Kisi ke hisse mein dukan aayi, Main sabse chota tha mere hisse mein maa aai”.

15. That’s one of my favorites, as well.

And lastly, any insights for the budding writers out there?

A. Be a good reader and observer first. Do not start writing just for the sake of getting likes and followers. Every quote cannot become a masterpiece so don’t get disheartened if your quotes are not getting as much attention as you expected. Trying is the key. Write more often (Original) so that it will polish your writing skills undoubtedly.

16. What’s your favourite possession? Tell us a little bit about it in 3–4 lines.

It has to be my daughter. Though not a possession, she is everything to me. Our world revolves around her and she makes our life perfect and complete.

Here are some of Prasoon’s best works on YourQuote. Hope you like them as much as we did:

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