Meet Navita Jain, A Writer Too Creative To Be A Chartered Accountant!

Our teammate Arushi Gupta caught up with one of our most popular writers, Navita Jain, in this fun and candid interview about her life, her inspirations and her passions. Read on.

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Navita jain

Navita is one happy go lucky girl, who belongs to Rajasthan, but has been roaming around states of Gujarat and MP, due to father’s transferable job, and currently settled at Ludhiana, Punjab. Earlier she used to hate changing schools, but now she is quite accustomed to various cultures and languages and that’s one of her biggest strengths. You will find her doing anything and everything from gymming, to dancing, to watching sports, to cooking, to auditing books of accounts and filing Income Tax Returns. She is an ambivert, observer and curious by nature and loves reading stuff on Quora. She calls herself too creative to be pursuing Chartered Accountancy, and yet she is pursuing the same.

Her never ending love for quotes and short stories, is what has brought her to YQ. She didn’t know she can write something apart from daily diary, until she came across YourQuote and we swear, she is brilliant at it!

What was the biggest challenge you had to face as a result of your father’s transferable job?
The biggest challenge I had faced was to adapt myself to new atmosphere and new people. I would always feel like an outsider and had to start from scratch to build the comfort zone around myself. But now I have "my people" scattered everywhere

Why Chartered Accountancy?
*laughs* This is something, even I am trying to figure out. Somethings just happen. I was a very studious girl, during my school days. And when I chose commerce stream, I could only think about CA, one of the most prestigious profession in our country.

Do you avidly read as well? If yes, what book would you recommend to the audience?
Honestly, I am not an avid reader of books and such long stuff, for I get bored very easily. Though I have read few and “The Alchemist” remains my favourite. What I like to read is lots of minimal stuff in form of quotes, micro tales, short stories, newspaper and magazine articles.

What kind of matter on Quora interests you the most?
My favourite topics on quora includes-
*Psychology of everyday life
*Human Behaviour
*Life and Living
*Zodiac Signs
Basically I love to read about people, their stories, their perspective and experiences out of life.

What is your take on the concept of love?
Love is one of the strongest emotion, a human being is capable of feeling. It is a journey, if pursued right, along with right co- passengers, can lead you to beautiful destinations beyond your imaginations. I very much believe in the power of love.

What would be your absolute favourite quote?
Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.
-By Mandy Hale

What are your interests apart from writing? How did you get into it?
Apart from writing, I love to dance. This is something that comes to me naturally, and I consider it as a form of meditation, to beat my studies and workplace related stress. I workout, cook and doodle a lot.
For how long have you been into the practice of writing diaries?
You know, how many schools I have changed? 9!! Because of frequent school changes, I would find very hard to adjust and make friends, and there I started writing diary on daily basis. And gradually started finding solace in it. Not only it made me self aware, but improved my writing too. Till today, I write one, the excerpts of which you can find in my writings in form of 11.11 pm wishes.
What makes YQ a better platform for writers than any other?
The fact that YQ isn’t merely a facebook page where you get to read what is “best” according to the administrators, but it’s a “community of readers and writers”, is what makes it better than any other platform. I discovered a lot of good writers and their engaging write ups on YQ, which I would have missed otherwise. The readers are equally appreciating with their constant suggestions. My copyright on my content is cherry on the top.
What do you think a writer must definitely possess?
According to me more than anything else a writer must be willing to write for himself/ herself. For you cannot make everyone happy, so one must write keeping in my mind to make oneself happy.

Who are your favourite writers on YourQuote?
My favourite writers on YQ are- Harsh Snehanshu, Rya Ray, Gayathri Sitaraman, Mayanka Dadu, Ayushi Dauneriya and Anubhav Srivastav, among others.

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(Left to right) Navita, her father and her sister

Navita: “My dad- My biggest hero, my inspiration, my critic and motivator. Whatever I am today, I am because of him. Love you Papa.”

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