Meet Mridusmita Devi: A Simple Soul from Assam Who Inspires With Her Writings

Our writer Varun Pandey caught up with Mridusmita Devi. In this candid interview, Mridusmita tells us about her life journey and what motivates her to write. Read on.

Mridusmita Devi

Q. Describe yourself in 250 words.

A. I was born and brought up in a small town, Tihu of Assam. Completed my masters in English literature in 2015. I came through many ups and downs in my life. At the age of 18 I saw my house getting sold to someone else. That is the day that had given me my first scar. I was good in academics. And being the eldest daughter, I always have been a responsible and understanding kid to my parents. Since childhood writing was a passion for me. I remember my first tale which got published in my school magazine when I was in 4th standard. It was in Assamese. Later in college and university, I won many prizes in writing competitions. Those are sweet memories and my precious treasures. Writing is a passion. I feel I’m an observer. I witness and notice everything vividly and that’s what I write about. I like simple ideas to be expressed in a unique way. I don’t want my readers to go and find the meaning of words that I write. There are lot of things in life that inspire me to write. Like the people I interact with or the people to whom I don’t talk anymore. I believe in love. I believe love is a pure feeling and an inspiring one too. For me, my parents define love. I believe, I inherited kindness from my father and patience from my mother. Whatever I’m today is only because of my parents. As for future plans, I want to lead a simple life. My motto has always been “worry less, smile more.” I’m happy with everything that I’ve. I have no such plans of becoming a professional writer, as writing has only been a passion. The only ambition in my life is to make my parents proud. I’m only 24. Lots of milestones are yet to be achieved. “And miles to go before I sleep.”

Q. What writers do you detest?

A. I don’t like writers who writes fiction with “filmy masala”. Life is much different to movies. Some movies even have no touch of reality. So I don’t like those writers who write filmy stuff

Q. What hooks you to YQ?

YourQuote is a big platform. There are only a few writing apps available. I found YQ the best among of them. The graphics, background images, word limit, word style are very unique. But what hooks me to YQ is the witty writers there. They are simply amazing. Reading them is a good food for brain.

Q. How did you come to know about YQ?

I randomly came to know about it. One day I searched for writing/quote apps and saw YourQuote there. So I should give the credit to myself for finding out YQ.

Q. Where do you get your story ideas from?

From any random thing that suddenly appears to be thought provoking . The things that are going on in our society, some lovely moments, few sad, a few depressing moments all constitute as ingredients in my stories.

Q. How has your career/study affected your writing?

It has a big influence. My grandfather was an English teacher. Since childhood I’ve seen him with books. My parents also love reading. So that’s how interest in books developed and it grew so much that I made it my subject as well and became a postgraduate in English literature. During graduation and post graduation I read a lot of authors, poets, critics and learnt a bit about the art of analyzing. So my studies have a big contribution in writing.

My father also used to write during college days. Now he’s too much busy in his business. He is fond of Hindi writers though.

Q. What do you consider the most important thing in a story?

These are the two most imp things 1. Plot. 2. Words.

The plot should be clearly shown with words. People should never get confused what are you actually trying to say.

Q. That indeed is the most important thing in a story. If their would have been a novel based on you what title do you find suitable for it?

Haha. Little tough to answer this. Wait let me think…

Musings of a broken soul.

Q. Fantastic title. Should I ask why?

We all are little broken inside. There are so many things we wish for, which don’t manifest in reality. But we compromise and move on. But while dealing with a novel you’ve to show your soul to the readers. How you feel, how you act. So that’s why.

Q. You made me speechless with that description. Glad I asked you that question. Which book do you wish you had written?

Joys of Motherhood By Buchi Emecheta

Q. Tell us the most amazing story of your life?

Hostel days were the most amazing days of my life. Those memories are still fresh in my mind. It’s been two years since I left hostel, but it still feels like yesterday. Ohh sorry. You asked about amazing story. Nothing so particular. I mean at this moment I can’t recall anything except the realization “let’s get serious about YourQuote.”

Q. One thing you want to change from the past?

Nothing as such. But I wish I had taken singing seriously and went for some formal training.

Q. What’s your favourite song?

Tu naa jane aas pass khuda from Anjana Anjani

Q. Your favourite writers on YQ ?

Harsh ji, Anuup ji, Aishwariya, Ayenaji, Abhilekh ji , Debasish dada, Kirti and Seema didi

Q. What has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

The realization that we can always move on even if we’ve lost something that we needed the most.

Q. Okay. Now last question. Share your best possession.

My best possession are my parents. They are always there for me. They raised me as a bold independent woman. I owe everything to them.

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