Interview With Sakshi Garg, a.k.a. Sukoon, One Of The Most Adored Writers on YourQuote

Our writer and teammate Prem caught up with the young, charming and cute Sakshi, who is more famous by her pen-name Sukoon, and unravelled the mysteries behind her smiley face, her life story and of course, her pen name Sukoon.

Hi Sukoon! Oh no, that’s your pen name! Hi Sakshi! :)

To start with, describe yourself in 250 words — Imagine writing a tiny autobiography.

Describing myself has always been a tough job for me. Though I think I improved a little in last two years (you'll soon get to know that I am lying on this). :P

A mad girl came to this world on September 1, 1993. She was named Sakshi by her parents and as the name suggest, she is a great observer. She was witness to many circumstances that lead to some deep understandings about life, at a very early age. People say she thinks a lot, but the fact is - she is understandable, adaptable and empathetic, which is a surprise to many who won't believe this till date. Hahaha.
Grown up in Haryana, but has no haryanvi touch to her personality. Loves travelling, but haven't ever travelled alone. Likes to talk and work with people with different cultures and mindsets, but always ends up talking with herself and messing everything alone. A little confused, frustrated, and rebel soul, but quite caring and sweet with genuine people. She hates being around small minds, unfortunately, they all love me and never leave my way. ¯―¯

Mmm.. what else.. ok yes,
After cutting the crap that belongs to the instrument called heart, my control over my mind is pretty nice. When I understood I can't control my heart, I started to control my mind. ;)
I am very much clear about the things like whom I don't want in my life. I am not much confident but yes, I know that I am real and truthful. People hate me for not ever feeling satisfied with life, but I love myself for the same reason. I promise myself daily that I won't settle for less than what I deserve and won't accept anything that I don't deserve. :)

How long it has been since you started to write and what sticks you to it?

My inner-self said, "Sakshi, you can write!" to me in 2014 when one day I passed through my own article, which I had written out of frustration months ago. But I remember that I used to write and draw in my childhood whenever and wherever any blank paper visited me.

Who are your major influences?

Hardly pay attention to humans... Lol.
Nature and Music influence me the most.
Whenever I feel numb.. I let lose myself to feel the beauty of nature with some beats in background. ;) :)

What is the most fulfilling thing about writing? How seriously do you take your writing?

Writing helps you find the life left within you. Writing doesn't connect you to people but to the souls. A true writer never sees how a person looks but what words they use matters the most. As my bio say: only words have the power of giving you a new life and take your breathe away.
Honestly, I don't take my writing seriously. Before joining YQ, I never read my writings. You all know how bad I am as a reader. :P

In fact, it is other way around, writing takes me seriously. I gave up on writing many times but it came back to me. :)

You have a sweet pen name - Sukoon. What's the story behind it?

Hehehehe. I am pretty sure many are curious to know that. I wanted to answer this once for all. That's why I never participated in any challenge that asked me to tell the story behind "Sukoon". Pardon me :)

Mmm.. there is no story as such behind Sukoon.. for every writer there are some particular words that makes them feel alive. Similarly, Sukoon works for me. Whenever and wherever I see or I listen this word, I FEEL.. I feel a journey going within me. Sukoon is not merely a word, SUKOON.. is a story itself. A one word story that has no end..(reason behind the dots ".." in my every quote, indicating endless) :)

As a writer, what is your advice to the budding writers?

Use your words wisely and read mine calmly. ;)

What hooks you to YourQuote?

The best thing about the app is the feeling of getting known to the unknowns. 
Every body outside has a reason to connect with you. Some needs you at your work, some are dependent on you and some hold relationship tags. But still nobody knows you.
But at YQ, the entire community (YQ family, as we fondly call it) is linked through this one thing that is ignored the most.. our Words!

How is YourQuote different from any other writing platform?

Will you believe me if I say that I used to write my thoughts on images before I joined YQ??
I feel picture messages are more attractive than long articles, especially for bad readers like me. And those who don't read save such things for their WhatsApp dp's atleast.. :P ;)

Jokes apart, I found exactly what I wanted.
I never wrote on any other avenue/app before YQ, and I don't even think I'm gonna write other than on YQ. :)
I was late, but eventually I got the best of the bestest and it's YQ. :)

What are your hobbies and special interests (if any)?

Hobbies are listening to music, capturing the beauty of nature, and when I can't do any of these I add chilli in my food. :P
I am very much interested in learning atleast one foreign language and one musical instrument. (Drums may be.. ) as soon as possible.

You said you love traveling, do you have a bucket list?

Hehehe.. Yes.. I do. Though I haven't travelled much. In fact, never the way I want. But I am traveller from heart.. I imagine myself living in different places..without even Googling that if any such place exists or not.. :P
And of course there is a bucket list. A long one infact.. that's starts from Kashmir, Leh Ladakh, Assam, Udaipur, Kerala <3.. wait Prem..Chennai also.. ;) :P

Haha sure, most welcome :D

Your intro on heart and mind was philosophical. It intrigues me to ask you if self love beats selflessness?

Self love is mandatory. If you ask me, they should introduce a law that states that people who do not love themselves can't get into any other relationship (though I don't expect good laws coming out of our constitution).
Anyway, you have to, have to, have to love yourself before any other damn thing. Self love is the justice to every breath God gave you. No matter what you do for others, with whatever feelings you have, you'll end up being alone. So why not love a creature that can always be with you and wants so little from You and can bring the best out of you and your life ?

Tell us the most amazing story of your life, something that inspired you that became a turning point for you.

Haha.. Those who write their story can bring a turning point in their life whenever they want to.. ;) Gotcha? :D

If there is a novel based on your life, what would it be called?

To whom I belong? :)

Who are your favorite writers on YourQuote?

Dude! Stop asking this question. The list is increasing daily! Don't we know how the graph of no.of writers on YQ is growing?

Where do you get your story ideas from?

When did I write a story? :|
I will write one, whenever I get an idea. Till then follow my quotes on YourQuote. :P

If there's one thing that you'd want to change about your writing, what would it be?

There are two I can mention right now..
You'll surely agree on the first and that's my grammar. I know I am wishing a little big.. :D :D
Second is that I want to add a touch of travelling in my words (basically I can add the word 'travelling' anywhere until I don't start to travel.. hehe).
Whenever people read my write ups, I want them to visualize an image that comes to their mind immediately. I don't know what's the word for this in thesaurus. ¯―¯

What has been the greatest personal discovery for you?

Indeed it's the greatest for me.
"Don't die for anyone, instead live for yourself." Dead things stink. You can never be enough for anyone but you are more than enough for yourself. Eventually, everyone’s gonna realize that the only thing that has power to change you is YOURSELF.

And now this compulsory one — What is your favorite possession? Share a picture and add 3-4 lines.

● Empty roads.. :)

Yes.. I am definitely gonna add some lyrics for this..
" Mera falsafa..kandhe pe mera basta. Chala mein jahaa, le chala muje Rasta. Boondo pe nahi.. gehre samandar pe.. illahi mera jee aaye aaye.." :)

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