14 Heartfelt Quotes by Abhinav Nair Worth Keeping In Your Phone Forever

Abhinav Nair, famous for his profound takes on life & relationships, will leave you spellbound with his words.

Abhinav Nair

Abhinav Nair is pursuing a Ph.D in cardiology, and is a writer of great finesse. In an interview with us, he shared an interesting story of how he got started as a writer: “It was a lonely train journey along the Western Ghats in the monsoon of 2014. Slowly, my co-passengers disembarked on their journey further, leaving me alone with my laptop in the 3rd AC compartment of an Udyan express. I decided to write about the 18 odd hours that I spent in that compartment with some wonderful people. That was the first time I discovered the joy of writing.”

We collated 14 of his most heartfelt and profound works, which introduce you to his unique way of looking at the world and relationships — with family, beloved and oneself.

1. On Mom

2. On Autumns

3. On Forgiveness

4. On Past

5. On Writing & Heartbreaks

6. On Love

7. On Absence

8. On Ends

9. A Love Story

10. On Fights

11. On Oceans and Minds

12. On Failures

13. On Words

14. On Vulnerability

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