13 Purplexions By Yash Raj Goswami a.k.a aviD That Will Make You Swoon & Dream

Yash Raj Goswami, one of the most unique writers on YourQuote, has a flair for penning down deep profound thoughts on love, lust and life.

Yash Raj Goswami is a trainer and a teacher, and a full time brooder. The versatile writer, in an interview with us shared, what drew him towards purple, and what makes it so special : “Purple is a personal favorite, yes, again because it is symbolic of a reconciliation between the fiery passion of red and the cool, rational detachment of blue. If pink or red is for women, and blue is for men, then purple is for people who don’t neatly fall into the binaries. Also, life has a way of keeping me always perplexed.”

We collated 13 of his most heartfelt and profound works, which introduce you to the unique world of the purplexion.

1. On Identity

2. On Love & Desire

3. On love and Guilt

4. Pendulum of love

5. On Indifference

6. Leftover Love

7. Uncommitted Sins

8. Color of Love

9. Tired Eyes

10. Taste of Betrayal

11. Left spaces

12. On words & more

13. On Existence

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