13 Profound Quotes of Palak Gupta That Put Some Bitter Truths Right Out There

Palak Gupta, a photographer by profession, has quite a witty take on the world she observes from behind the lens.

Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta is an artist and a photographer based in Pondicherry. While her Instagram account is filled with exceptional photographs, her YourQuote profile has quite a few quirky takes on the world as she sees it.

We collated 13 of her profound yet funny takes on the world, something that will leave you pondering.

1. On Life

2. On Truth

3. On Freedom

4. On Men

5. On Unequal Relationships

6. On Body

7. On Finding Love

8. On Loving

9. On Not Loving

10. On Fear

11. On Relationships

12. On Hatred

13. On Comfort

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